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Components of an Automatic Gate 

Automatic gates consist of two basic components:


The gate is the physical object that is moved to block the gate opening. Most gates used in commercial applications are made of either ornamental iron or chain-link material and are usually designed to match the fencing adjacent to where the gate is installed.

The gate operator is the machinery that moves the gate in and out of the gate opening. Gate operators are electrically-powered and may be chain-driven, gear-driven, or hydraulic depending on the type of operator.

Gate Operator


Gate automation systems are becoming more popular today. This is mainly because of the countless benefits they provide for residential and commercial properties. Owners see this technology as a great investment.

Have you been thinking of having automatic gates on your property?

WELT can help you in completely automating your gates, driveways or other security doors, both in residential and commercial buildings. These automatic openers allow you to open and close the gates within an instant making life that extra bit easier and safer.

Advantages of Gate Automation Systems  


Security plays a large part in choosing to install an electric gate system at either your home or business premises. Electrically controlled gates are a much better deterrent to the opportunist, car thief or vandal. In conjunction with a video or audio intercom, you can control who has access to your premises from the safety of your home or office. You can effectively move your first line of defence to your gateway rather than your front door.

Gate automation system upgrades provide the owners with convenience. They no longer have to get in and out of the vehicle to open and close the gates. The gate will open and close with a single push button.

Talking of busy roads, do motorists use your driveway to turn their cars around or worse park? Do you have children and would you prefer to keep them safely behind your gates and away from the road or people passing by? What about your dog? You can have your gates close automatically behind you so that you will never forget to close them and jeopardise your children or your pets safety.



Deciding which type of automatic gate to use is a big decision. Automatic gates are expensive to install and require regular ongoing maintenance. Sometimes, purchasing a more expensive gate initially can actually save you money over the long-run due to reduced maintenance costs.

If you are not sure what type of gate or gate operator to use, it is recommended that you retain the services of a professional engineer or independent security consultant to help you assess your needs and to select the correct product.


If your gates are already automated, we can help you in their maintenance and upgrading them to new, advanced and much more secured systems.  For all your electric needs, you can rely on our team.  We are just a call away from you. Call any time and get our professional electricians on your doorstep whenever you require.

Types of Automatic Gates

Sliding Gates

The slide gate is probably the most commonly used type of automatic gate in light-duty commercial applications.

The slide gate is mounted parallel to the inside of the fence and slides horizontally back and forth across the gate opening. The slide gate uses rollers on the bottom of the gate to support it. These rollers typically ride along a metal track that ...

Cantilever Gates

The cantilever gate is similar to the slide gate, but does not use rollers that slide along the ground to support it. Instead, the cantilever gate is supported from rails that run along the inside of the fence structure. This gate gets its name from the fact that the gate “cantilevers” (hangs over) the gate opening. Cantilever gates need to be much wider than slide gates ...

Swing gates are hinged on one side and swing open and closed like a door. Swing gates typically travel a 90 degree arc between their open and closed positions. Swing gates can consist of a single leaf or double leafs and can be in-swinging or out-swinging. Swing gates are most commonly used in residential applications because of their low cost and ease of ...

Swing Gates

Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-folding gates consist of two gate panels that are hinged together. When activated, these gate panels fold back onto themselves to allow access. Most commonly, bi-folding gates are used in pairs, with one pair being used on each side of the gate opening. Some models require a track along either the top or bottom of the gate. Bi-folding gates require only a small ...

Barrier arm gates consist of a vertical barrier arm that is rotated in and out of the gate opening. Barrier arm gates are used to control vehicles, not pedestrians.  As it is very easy for a person to walk beside or climb over or under the gate arm, barrier arm gates provide almost no security. This gates are among the most sought after types of automation systems.

Barrier Arm Gates

Automatic Gate Accessories 

There are many accessories that may be used in conjunction with automatic gates. Some of these include:

We can help you in installing various types of automatic gates including:

• Sliding driveway gates

• Swinging driveway gates

• Automatic driveway gates

• Barrier gates

• Security gates

Considerations When Choosing an Automatic Gate

The following are some basic things that must be considered when choosing an automatic gate:



Radio Control

Gate automation systems use the transmitter as a control device for gate or garage door activation. An internal battery powers the control unit that stores the commands. The transmitter is paired with a receiver, reader and a switch. Users activate the system through the digital switch. 

The motor is installed on the garage door or gate to make it move. A single or double motor can be used depending on how the door or gate functions.

In order to activate the garage door or the gate, there must be the control unit that contains the electronics to control the motor. Today, there are many different types of control units that may be connected to one or two motors externally or integrated into the motor itself. The control unit acquires signals from the photo cells.


Control Unit

Gate automation systems typically contain two safety devices. This includes the photocells that send the pulse signal to the control unit upon detecting obstacles within the operating automation radius. The other device is the flashing light that indicates gate movement.

Safety Devices

There are two different types of automatic system available  

either above ground or underground:

Above Ground System

An above ground system is perfect if you are looking for a simple system or have a limited budget. Cheaper than an underground system, the above ground system reguires no excavation, as it is post mounted and fully visible.


Although more expensive than above ground systems, an underground system is more aesthetically pleasing as it is totally concealed underground.

Below Ground System

Excavation work is required during installation. We will ensure that all work is carried out efficiently the ground is left as it was found.




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