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Outdoor Lighting

WELT Team offers a wide range of electrification services to diverse clients from different backgrounds.  Outdoor and landscape lighting are among our wide array of expertise and we provide the highest level of quality services to our customers to illuminate their homes, resorts or commercial properties. Our services are customised depending on the dynamic requirements of each client, yet at the same time we provide our expert opinion to refine their ideas and give advice based on our experiences too. Selecting WELT Team is the best option to get the exact implementation of your dreams.


We are capable of producing turnkey systems of any magnitude. From designing the system to its implementation, our expert and licensed electricians can carry out your illumination requirements. Working as a consultant to light up your landscape, garden, walkways or buildings is a privilege for us where we realise your lighting needs to initiate a strong working relationship.


WELT Team is exceptionally affordable and has a distinct quality to complete your project within your budget. We optimise and manage the resources in such a way that it allows us as a company to accomplish your job within a specified time frame and budget.  Professional design and implementation of outdoor lighting can increase the overall look and contribute in the beautification of your property, something we want to help you achieve. Our team aims to make your ideas a reality, we aim to design, deliver and implement what you have in your mind.


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