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Intelligent Lighting & Home Automation

Do you want to automate your home and lighting system? WELT Team can install intelligent lighting and automation systems to completely automate your home. These inspiring solutions can add an extra dimension to your lives.


With the technical team and experts, we design a detailed system based on your requirements and preferences, it gives you the chance to use your imagination and enjoy the results everyday.  


You can integrate everything you need within one system :

• lights

• audio

• home theatre

• home networks

• media centre

• security systems

can be controlled from a central point within the property.


Such automated home solutions are developed to offer unparalleled level of competence and efficiency. You only need to allow us to make your home automated from intelligent lighting to climate control. With our licensed electricians and experts, we can totally transform your home into a smart and intelligent house where everything is integrated together to provide you a unique living experience.


To get our expert opinion and/or a quote, call us any time and allow us to handle your job.


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