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Visual Inspections

About visual inspections


• Visual Inspections are used to identify any problems with your electric installation, such as damaged wiring, loose wiring or deterioration.

• If you have a rented property or your home has had a few previous owners it is important to have regular visual inspections to ensure no damage or DIY electrics may have caused your electric installations to become unsafe.

• You will be provided with a full report from our visual inspections.


Why do you need a visual inspection?


Visual Inspections are an inspection of the fixed wiring installation, complete with a full written report. It is important to carry out regular visual inspections on properties and installations especially rented properties as many alterations and DIY can go on which will affect the wiring installation.


A visual electrical survey is carried out to identify any defects, damage and wear and tear of the electrics installation. These visual inspections are usually carried out with a BS7671 test that ensures the electric wiring meets the required level of compliance in line with the national safety standard. A visual inspection alone does not involve circuit testing so it is only in part able to determine if the installation is safe for use. Visual Inspections are ideal as an interim between formal periodic testing to find any damage or deterioration that may cause a potential hazard in properties like rented homes.


London Electricians Direct will provide you with a full written report on the findings from the visual inspection.


On a domestic building you should never leave it longer than 10 years before doing a full BS7671 inspection and a BS7671 IEE Test however if you own a commercial or rented property then you should test more frequently.


Many people are under the opinion that visual inspections and test are only needed on older properties but many buildings can change owners on a regular basis therefore it is important to make sure the previous owner did not subject the electric installations to any misuse or attempt any DIY electrics that do not comply to safety regulations.


Any property, whether it is domestic or commercial, that is over 10 years old could have inadequate earthing, circuit protection or bonding. One of the most common problems found in visual inspections and tests are loose connections which, if left unattended, can lead to electric shocks and or even fires.


If you are a Mortgage lender, letting agent, a landlord, a surveyor or work for an insurance company then visual inspections and BS7671 IEE Tests will be necessary.


note: a full periodic inspection may be advised on our engineers’ findings. If you are not sure if you need a full Periodic Inspection please call and we can help you.


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