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Outdoor Lighting & Sockets

About outdoor lighting & sockets


• Replacement of existing outdoor fittings.

• EICR sensor light installations and repairs.

• Lamp replacement.

• Design and installation of new lighting.

• Waterproof socket outlets.


Installing outdoor lighting & sockets


It isn’t just floods of rain that can affect your garden lighting but a qualified electrician will be able to set up your outdoor lighting and sockets to withstand even the worst British weather.


Whether you want outdoor lighting and sockets for your home or a shop or building it is important to use a qualified electrician. With British weather we have to expect all of the elements and any outdoor electric lighting needs to be safe in extreme weather conditions from red hot summers to snowy and icy winters the electrics need to be safe and installed correctly to ensure they can stand up to the weather.


Garden Lighting


Garden lighting has become very popular, not only for the Christmas period when people put up lights and decorations outside their home but also in other seasons such as Summer when people want barbeques outside and need lighting and sometimes heaters and music .


WELT can help you fit outside sockets that will be waterproof, or we can even help you repair or replace any outdoor lights and lamps quickly and safely.


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