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Homebuyer Test & Inspections

About homebuyer test & inspections 


• A same day service is available for homebuyers requiring a periodic test inspection report

• In order to assist you with the move, we can collect keys from estate agents and email reports to multiple recipients

• Prices start from £99 + VAT (max 10 circuits)


Electrical installation condition reports for homebuyers 


When buying a new home, it is important to know that the electrical system, wiring and accessories are all in good working order. A faulty system can have a risk of personal injury, as well as possible cost implications in the future if electrical work is required. Following a test inspection, you are provided with a 6 page report highlighting any areas of concern along with a priority rating between C1 and C3. We can also provide quotes for any work required. To find out more about the report and what is tested, take a look at our periodic test inspection page.


Providing additional support to homebuyers 


At LED we understand that moving home can be a stressful time, and so we can offer additional support to help the process. We offer a same day service for urgent inspections, and we can collect keys from estate agents or arrange a suitable time for the inspection. Following the inspection, we can also send the report to multiple recipients.


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